JLF GUITAR was formed in1995. Working with timber and steel since 1990, founder Jason Fazio developed his talents creating artistic furniture and sculpture. Combined with a life long interest in music, hard work and persistence, his craftsmanship turned to Lutherie and JLF GUITAR was born. Jason has spent a lot of time committed to the design, development and refining stages of the new and exciting JLF guitars.

Liaising with industry specialists from musicians to fellow luthiers and hardware experts, JLF GUITAR has gathered a body of knowledge and expertise of its' own based on top quality craftsmanship and offers a lifetime warranty on all workmanship. The reason he chose to build guitars using steel and timber, firstly says Jason, "it would have a lot to do with a man by the name of Tony Zemaitas."
Tony was building his own guitars and then placing steel plates that had been engraved over the top of the timber bodies, from that idea Jason knew that there was room for improvements to be made in his own designs. Secondly, the years of experience working with timber and steel, knowing how to work with both materials has lead him to this point in his life where JLF guitars are not only exciting and flash to look at, but the playability and sound that resonates though the construction of the timber and steel is fantastic.
Jason has found that by using these two materials, the sustain that is produced can be used for all sorts of music ranging from blues, country and rock & roll. The unique designs and sound will surely touch you one way or the other, each guitar is hand crafted with the love and passion it deserves to give in its own uniqueness.


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